“NC Dance Institute is so fortunate to have an artist of Ms. Ghezzi’s caliber. In addition to her sterling career as a ballerina, she is also an accomplished musician. To have someone with her professional experience in two artistic genres is rare, and very special. Her students will benefit from the way she coaches, not just dance technique, but a deep understanding and love of music, and musicality.”Debra Bricker (UNCSA, American Ballet Theatre School, National Ballet of Canada School, Columbia City Ballet, Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, New Orleans Ballet)

“Those of us who trained with some of the worlds most talented masters of dance, have only one choice, and that is, to share the knowledge and continue their legacy at it’s highest level. NC Dance Institute is lucky to have you! Especially now that you have had so much experience in the dance and music industries!!! And when you are ever in the Los Angeles area, please do a master class while you are here! Congratulations Carolyn!”Karen Kernan (UNCSA)

“Ghezzi’s resumé is certainly impressive but that is really the tip of the iceberg. What is most striking about what she brings to the table is this: She has a keen intuition about the human “being” and goes about her coaching in such an organic and holistic manner, that the entirety of the individual who is being coached is taken into consideration with compassion and willful foresight. She creates a deep stability, both psychologically and emotionally, that is the platform on which the dancer is able to feel safe, let go, create and learn. Carolyn “holds” the individual as one would a family member, in her mind and heart, as well as in her planning for how to grow the kenestitic and artistic ability of the young dancer. She has an eye for detail in form, line and musicality that I have not seen before in coaches or many artists, for that matter. And she does not let anything slip. AND she does all of this with kindness.”Maggie Pate Duffey


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